“The Quinn Brown Project” started in the winter of 2011 when Quinn Brown contacted Jeff “Hambone” Hamula. The conversation went as follows, “buddy I’m leaving California and moving back to Utah, let’s start a band.” After several Jam sessions and some serious reliving of our gigging years we both came to the conclusion it was time to dust off the gear (fix the broken stuff) and start a band. The goal has always been to deliver quality-high energy rock and roll that will always go down smooth.

So the search for the rest of the band began, after trying out several bass players Kirk came on board. With a ton of gigging experience and a solid ability to hold down the bottom end he was a perfect fit. David on the drums gives the project a very unique and driving back beat with a heavy resume of experiance. The bands latest addition of Patrick on the keys helps create a strong mosaic of sound that fills the stage. The idea of referring to the band as a “project” is based around concept of keeping things fresh and new. “We are constantly trying new stuff and looking for ways to deliver a great show.”

With a combined total of 70 years of musical experience “The Quinn Brown Project” will make you want to get up-get down-and shake a leg.