QUINN BROWN (Vocals, Guitar)

Quinn has always loved music, at the age of 9 his parents promised he could play guitar under one condition (learn how to read music). At 12 the guitar showed up Christmas Day, and from that day on Quinn has been constantly involved in playing and creating music. “Music for me has always been an outlet, finding the pocket or groove has always been and will always be my happy place. “

Quinn spent his twenties front manning Cinnamon Brown and the Eskimos throughout the intermountain west, then life happened. Over the past 6 years Quinn’s gigging has revolved around an occasional “garage session” with musician buddies or playing bed time songs for his kids at night.

After a musical hiatus sorts, the light came back on. “When I was offered a job back in Utah, I knew it was time to track down Jeff and start a band.” With several gigs under their belt and a solid line up the band is ready roll. The Quinn Brown Project is more than just a band, it’s a place for everyone that loves live music and the feeling it brings to life.


JEFF HAMUILA  "Ham Bone" (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Jeff started playing guitar after going to a live show at age 13. “My first live show changed me. I saw Burning Spear at the palladium in sugarhouse with my brother. The deep pocket dissonant dub bass lines with the reggae chunking beats blew my mind. Soon after my classically trained pianist mom gave me and ultimatum to play some instrument. I said, I would only play an instrument if it were guitar or drums or bass. The next day, I was at Progressive music buying a guitar.”

Jeff’s influences range from classic rock, blues, reggae, jam bands, grunge, indie, funk, to jazz. Jeff played in gigging projects from age 13 to about 27 in bands Juice, Hambone, and Soul Grinder. For the last 10 years, Jeff fell off the music wagon. With job, house, family, guitar time was limited. This past year, he tried to find jam friends to play live with, but found it nearly impossible to find talent that was as equally non-committed, yet talented. Jeff said, “I want to play at a professional level, but play for fun.”

Through a stroke of fate, Quinn Brown and Jeff connected on facebook. Jeff said, “Quinn said he was moving back to Utah from California and we should jam sometime… but as niceties go, I thought nothing of it. A few months later we got together, and everything just clicked. It is amazing, when we play, it is very fluid and natural. I often hear ghost notes and harmonies in my head as we are playing, as if something is telling me – you need to play here, or sing there. It is really a special experience to be allowed full creative license to play or sing whatever comes out. That is what the Quinn Brown Project is all about.”



Kirk Grew up in South Jersey and went to about every rock concert that came thru Philly. On the low end Kirk grew up playing in garage bands and teeth cutting on Classic Rock; everything from the Dead to Sabbath. He discovered Metal after moving to Atlanta and it was the right place and time for some truly wild crazy fun in his twenties, touring all over the South. His band came close to a deal twice but S*%^ happens.

After grunge killed metal he moved to Miami where he did some studio work: everything from Gospel to “Chick” music. In the mid 90’s Kirk hung it up for a number of years to find a “real” life.

Now a family man, Kirk makes the time for a little fun on the low end (it’s in the blood). He enjoys roaming bass lines within the context of any song, which keeps it interesting for him and hopefully to those listening.“If people are dancing, I’m doing my job”. He’ll see you at the gig....


PATRICK BROWN (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)

Patrick was raised on old-school Jazz the likes of George Shearing as well as having a rock ‘n roll heart influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elton John and Billy Joel. The mix makes for great chords for ballads, smooth funk ‘n roll and pounding solos. Makes for finger nail busting performances, making people smile, have fun and be entertained.

Patrick’s motto: “Who needs nail clippers anyway?”


DAVE GEISELMAYR (hits things) Pronounced "Dulcimer Glockenspeil"

From his earliest recollections, Dave was inspired (or cursed) by his brother's 8-tracks of Kiss, Van Halen, and Aerosmith. He got his first drum kit at 5, beat through the heads in a day or so, and begged for 9 years before the big boy kit arrived. He started gigging at 15 and was blessed in his teen years to be able to perform with seasoned pros such as Dan Whitley (The Lettermen), Mark Seamons (The Association), Stan Seale (Desi Arnaz), Dean Kaelin (Bobby Kimball of Toto), and Tom Hopkins (The Osmonds).

As a young adult, opportunities arose for touring and a career in the industry, but family obligations took priority. Dave tried, from time to time, to give it up over the years, selling his only drum kits on three different occasions only to have God toss him new kits by unusual means, never having to ever purchase a kit in his life. He's starting to get the hint that maybe he should keep playing.

Beyond his day job in I.T., Dave has enjoyed teaching and playing in a variety of bands and genres over the years including rock, jazz, big band, country, and fusion. Local and national acts Dave has performed with include Sun Shade'n Rain, The Osmond Boys, Seventh Heaven, Stone Mountain, Crazy Red, Cave Doll, Flake, Achilles Last Stand, Sons of Nothing, The Bozwell Incident, Checkpoint Charley, The Piano Guys, and others.


RICH BISCHOFF is a guitarist/singer songwriter/producer/guitar instructor from Utah. Rich is known for his outstanding guitar musicianship, impressive song writing, raw vocals, and a modern sound. His latest release Turn Off The Noise is a self produced album of original songs with Rich singing as well as playing all the instruments. The quality of his music is as good as anything you would hear on the radio or better. At age 13 using money from his paper route, Rich bought his first guitar from a Sears catalog. At age 17 he studied guitar under USU university professor Mike Christiansen. With over 20 years of experience with the guitar he has played in a multitude of bands in Northern Utah including Animation, Brother Sage, The Wind River Band, GearHead, The Moment, Red Shot Pony and Stone Road. Rich currently plays with the Rich Bischoff Trio. He is involved in other side projects, including teaching private guitar lessons, solo performances and running a recording studio. Rich has been involved in music production for more than 20 years, and records local artists for reasonable rates.